Dennis A. Parker knows what his clients are looking for: someone to trust, someone who displays real integrity, someone who's not only an expert but down to earth.

Those common values count. After all, when you're a CPA, you don't just "do the math" — you display your character. And Dennis welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate his character to you.

He's done it in ways large and small. He served his country in Vietnam. He started a practice that grew from serving just a few clients to serving hundreds. As a CPA, he is the necessary strategist and financial confidante to small business owners.

Why has Dennis' practice grown so swiftly? It's probably because he understands why people really turn to a CPA: the relationship. Anyone can add and make numbers look good, but only a CPA has vision. The more Dennis gets to know you and your goals and dreams, the sharper his insight into your finances becomes — and the sharper his vision for your future.